• DP Contactors

    DP Contactors
    Springer Controls maintains a large inventory of 25, 30 and 40 amp contactors and supplies DP contactors all the way up to 90Amps.  Springer Controls DP contactors are available in 1, 2 and 3 poles along with a full range of coil voltages. Key...

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  • IEC Contactors & Relays

    IEC Contactors & Relays
    Springer Controls carries a complete line of IEC contactors from ABB® and relays from 9 Amps up through 700 Amps. All products are available as open devices or as an enclosed AC starter package. Springer Controls also carries a full line of...

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  • Solid State Contactors

    Solid State Contactors
    Springer Controls maintains a full line solid state contactors manufactured by IC Electronics A/S.  We offer:Single phase electronic contactorsDual contactorsLamp and transformer controls3 phase contactorsReversing contactorsStarting...

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  • AF Enclosed Motor Starters

    AF Enclosed Motor Starters
    Springer Controls offers a full line of enclosed motor starters for both AC and DC power.  The AF series motor starters utilize the AF contactors and TF overload relays from ABB®.  These compact starters are perfect for any simple application...

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  • Manual Motor Starters

    Manual Motor Starters
      Springer Controls Company manual motor starters are 3-pole horsepower rated switches that incorporates a manual disconnect switch, overload relay and instantaneous magnetic trip mechanism in one compact device. The switches offer motor...

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  • Soft Starters

    Soft Starters
    Springer Controls offers a full range of soft starters, starting torque limiters, as well as electronic contactors.  Soft starters control the voltage supply during the start up  of a motor to match the load requirements on startup.  This makes...

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Springer Controls offers a full line of AC contactors (DC coils available) starters both open and enclosed, as well as soft starts and accessories.