Crane & Hoist Controls

  • Footswitches

    Springer Controls offers a wide variety of electrical foot switches for the auxiliary control of motors on tool machines, conveyors, lifts and other auxiliary foot operated devices. Both, shock-resistant thermoplastic and die-cast aluminum units are...

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  • Joysticks

    Springer Controls offers three different models of joysticks from TER.  The Hercules, Hercules CK and the Juliet.  The Hercules is a traditional joystick using rockers and microswitches for signaling.  The Hercules CK uses small...

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  • Pendant/Control Stations

    Pendant/Control Stations
    Springer Controls partners with TER of Italy to offer their comprehensive line of pendant controls to the North American market.  Springer Controls stocks complete standard units and a huge assortment of customization options to create a huge...

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  • Rotary Gear Limit Switches

    Rotary Gear Limit Switches
    Springer Controls offers rotary limit switches with input ratios from 1:1 to 8100:1.  Custom input ratios are available on request.  They can be configured with up to 12 contacts for signaling and combined with other accessories like...

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  • Slip Ring Collectors

    Slip Ring Collectors
    All TER slip ring collectors are suitable for transmitting current with 50/60Hz frequency, and carry CE & EAC certification.  They can be operated at ambient temperatures from -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +167°F) and include shock and...

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  • Crane & Hoist Control Accessories

    Crane & Hoist Control Accessories
    Here you can find common spare parts and accessories for the TER crane and hoist control products that don’t fit neatly into another category.  This is not a comprehensive parts list, just the more common parts.  If you don’t see the part...

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  • Position Limit Switches

    Position Limit Switches
    TER’s range of position limit switches include aluminum or thermoplastic material limit switches, with single rod or rod with roller, cross rods, “T” rods, all with various types of heads and actuators allowing for diversified switch...

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Springer Controls is the exclusive distributor for Tecno Elettrica Ravasi for all of North America.  We stock a huge assortment of all their products and have considerable capability to modify and assemble custom items.  Select a category to see the available products.