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Understanding IEC IP Ratings: Your Guide to Enclosure Protection

IEC Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Guide The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has created its Ingress Protection ratings to grade the resistance of an enclosure against the intrusion of solids (dust and small particles) and liquids. The IP system is similar to the NEMA system more commonly known in America, however, the NEMA system is considerably… Read more »

The Next Step in Transformer Temperature Control

temperature vs time using a single speed fan

Tecsystem introduces the new TRBH ventilation system for dry-type transformer temperature control. Tecsystem has been supplying temperature monitoring devices and temperature controls for transformers for more than 40 years, and utilizing this experience; the TRBH is designed to be the next evolution in transformer temperature control. Transformers Cooling System: Precision and Efficiency The TRBH system… Read more »

Understanding Power Switching Devices

power-switching devices

Throughout the course of engineering history, electronic power-switching devices have become one of the most important components in a variety of applications. From aerospace to automotive to medical device industries and beyond, these devices are essential for proper functioning in different types of equipment.

Popular Types of Temperature Monitoring Devices

temperature monitoring devices

Temperature monitoring is a critical aspect for many industries, from manufacturing and food processing to healthcare. Without reliable temperature sensors, it would be impossible to maintain the quality and safety of products or processes. In this post, we’ll look at the different types of temperature monitoring devices available today, from thermocouples to semiconductor-based ICs.

Understanding the Difference Between Contactors and Relays


Relays and contactors are two of the most commonly used components in electrical circuits, but they have some major differences that should be considered before selecting one or the other. What’s the Difference Between a Contactor and a Relay? Relays A relay is a switch that opens and closes an electrical circuit when triggered by… Read more »