Signaling Devices


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Springer Controls Company is the North American distributor for Texelco, an Italian-based manufacturer of signal lights and audible alarms. Our stacking indicating lights and audio units come in various model types, offering user-friendly, customizable features with a wide range of color and sound options. These signaling devices are ideal for industrial or commercial settings due to their quick installation and ease of use.

Illuminate Your Space with Our Versatile LED Signal Lights

Our signal lights are available in different sizes and colors, including standard red, green, and yellow, and custom options like blue, white, and orange. These long-lasting LED lights consume less energy than incandescent bulbs and provide clear visibility in tough environments.

Enhanced Audible Alarms: Customizable Volume for Diverse Work Environments

The audible alarms not only produce a loud warning sound but also offer different volume levels to suit different noise levels in various work environments. Built with high-quality materials, these audio units ensure durability and reliability.

Safety with Our Dual Alert Combination Units

We also provide combination units that combine sound and light signals for applications requiring both types of warnings. These versatile devices can be integrated into existing systems or used as standalone units with simple wiring and controls for easy installation.

Our signaling devices offer safety and efficiency when alerting workers of danger or updating them on production status. Trust our top-quality products to enhance workplace safety and productivity. Contact us today for more on our signaling solutions!