Pushbutton Control Stations


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Springer Controls provides a range of Emergency stop stations and push-button control stations, each serving distinct purposes. Primarily using 22mm IEC operators with a variety of enclosure options, the standard offerings shown are built for the most common applications, from emergency shut-offs for fuel stations to opening and closing doors and gates.  Springer can customize any of the pushbutton stations to meet your specific requirements.   We can build control stations with any number of operators using our extensive inventory of 22mm pilot devices.  The Victor series, sourced from TER and sharing components with the Mike series pendant, is an exclusive offering from Tecno Elettrica Ravasi and ideal for OEM customers looking for a more unique look.

Our control stations are crafted to deliver reliable and effective management for your industrial machinery. Across the entire product series, we present a diverse selection to match your exact needs.

Enhance Safety with Emergency Stop Stations

The Emergency Stop Stations primarily showcase 22mm IEC pilot devices, recognized for their robustness and user-friendliness. The variety of enclosures makes them suitable for just about any environment; whether you need protection from the weather or control over the personnel able to operate the controls, these Emergency Stop Stations help ensure the safe operation of your machinery.

Enhance Control with Push Button Stations: Your Go-To for Reliable NEMA 22mm Pilot Devices

These push buttons, selector switches, and pilot lights, known for their durability, afford precise control over your equipment. These sturdy controls offer functions like start/stop, forward/reverse, and emergency stop. Designed for rugged environments, they ensure reliable equipment operation.

Enhanced Industrial Control Solutions for Ultimate Safety & Efficiency

For advanced control needs and a custom appearance, opt for our Victor series, with customizable layouts, graphics, and optional magnetic mounting feet to simplify mounting. The Victor series shares operators with the Mike pendant for OEM applications where wall mounting and pendant controls are desirable options.

Safety is paramount in our industrial controls. Compliant with industry standards like UL and CE certifications, our controls ensure worker safety during operations. Equipped with emergency stops and positive opening contacts, our controls prioritize safety.

Apart from our standard offerings, we specialize in tailored solutions to cater to your unique requirements.