Pushbutton Control Stations

  • N5 Pushbutton Station

    N5 Pushbutton Station
    Springer Controls offers a variety of options in regards to push-button control stations. Custom assembled push button stations are available from 1 operator to 8 operator controls. The N5 series uses standard 22mm IEC pilot devices in various...

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  • N7 Pushbutton Station

    N7 Pushbutton Station
    The N7 push button stations are stocked in parts for immediate assembly to suit your requirements. The N7 uses 30mm pushbuttons in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure, or a NEMA 4 mild steel enclosure. We offer the N7 in 1, 2, 3 and 4 button sizes. ...

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  • Victor Pushbutton Station

    Victor Pushbutton Station
    The VICTOR is the first wall mount push-button control station to enter the TER line. It shares components and accessories with the MIKE series pendant controller. Available from a single push-button to an eight position setup, this controller...

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Springer Controls offers 3 different types of push button control stations.  The N5 series uses standard IEC 22.5mm pilot devices.  The N7 series uses standard NEMA 30mm pilot devices.  The Victor series is from TER and uses the same contacts and pilot devices as the Mike series pendant.  These are proprietary from Tecno Elettrica Ravasi.  All 3 offer a wide range of options, and can be customized if you don’t see exactly what your’e looking for, just give us a call.