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Automatic vs Manual Reset on Thermal Overload

Thermal Overload

What is an Overload Relay? A thermal overload, sometimes called an overload relay, is an essential part of a motor starter. The contactor is there to act as the switch and transmit power to the motor. The overload is there to prevent damage to the motor if the motor starts drawing too much current, i.e.,… Read more »

An Introduction to Electronic Temperature Controllers

Temp Controller_Group 1080x1080

Various manufacturing processes necessitate the control of temperatures for safety purposes and maintaining efficiency during production. In various industries, electronic temperature controllers help keep temperatures within certain parameters to prevent system failures that can increase repair costs and unplanned downtime. Temperature control is vital in many industrial processes to ensure products perform acceptably for their… Read more »

Breaking Down the Differences Between Single-Phase and 3-Phase Motor Starters

manual motor starter | difference between single phase, 2-phase and 3-phase motor starter

An electrical load’s distribution is known as its phase and can be described as a single-phase or 3-phase motor, depending on the number of supply phases. How each of these motors starts depends on different starting mechanisms, though all consist of a coiled startup winding, with certain motors featuring a capacitor. Understanding the differences between… Read more »

19 Advantages of Radio Remote Controls for Industrial Applications

radio remote control systems

Radio remote control systems are now used in a number of industries and for various applications. They make work environments safer, giving users the ability to operate equipment from a distance, in positions that offer a better view and away from noisy, unsafe environments. Remote radio controls also allow operators to more easily handle machinery,… Read more »

How Does a Motor Overload Work?

how does a motor overload work

Electric motors convert electricity into mechanical energy and are a key to powering a variety of modern devices. All sorts of equipment and devices use electric motors, including vehicles, fans, blowers, cranes, toys and other electronic mechanisms. An overload happens when an excessive amount of electricity passes through the system to the motor, which can… Read more »