Springer Controls Recognizes TER Achievement of ISO 14001 Certification

TER has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and environmental management and we are proud to announce they have achieved UNI EN ISO 14001 certification.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 certification is the most widely used environmental management system in the world. It provides a roadmap that a company or any organization can follow to effectively set up an environmental management system. This allows companies to improve their environmental performance with more efficient use of resources and reducing waste.

Like most ISO systems, it stresses continual improvement and helps demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. Achieving this certification demonstrates TER’s commitment to being good stewards of the environment and using resources efficiently. You may review and download the ISO 14001 certificate here.

ISO 14001 Certification Requirements

There are 4 basic components of an environmental management system to satisfy ISO 14001 requirements.

1. Plan

Establish objectives and identify the parts and processes of the organization that will be involved in achieving the objectives. Parts and processes can be examined by their possible interaction, both direct and indirect, with the environment and potential effects. Objectives should be measurable, and timelines considered for the changes required.

2. Implement the Processes

In this step, the key personnel is identified, and other resources required. How to communicate and increase participation through the various aspects of the organization should be considered. Documenting procedures, and documentation control, as well as emergency preparedness and response, and personnel training are key elements of the implementation stage.

3. Check

This is where performance is measured and evaluated relative to the objectives to verify areas of success and failure in the implementation. Internal audits can be conducted to verify the established procedures are being followed, to identify whether problems are the result of the plan or the implementation.

4. Act

After checking and identifying problem areas, action is taken to address problems with the plan and further improve the environmental management system.

Importance of ISO 14001 Certification

As environmental problems continue to grow in public awareness, more action by companies is required to address these problems. Customers are paying closer attention to the impact a business has on the world and making purchasing decisions accordingly. A quality EMS plan and ISO 14001 certification can help an organization minimize the risk of environmental liability by ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements. Organizations can also reduce waste, and operating costs while satisfying customers’ demands for good environmental stewardship.

Springer Controls is proud to represent organizations like TER who continue to show their leadership in not only manufacturing and product development, but also community involvement, and care for the people and environment where we all live. To learn more about Springer Controls and our affiliations, please contact us today!