Rotary Gear Limit Switch Model Updates

While this is not a new change, there are still quite a lot of older model rotary gear limit switches made by TER and sold by Springer Controls out in the market, so we thought it would be useful to make a post to help customers understand the changes and help transition to the new model names.

Old Model Current Model

For many years, TER (Tecno Elettrica Ravasi) manufactured the MF2C, PF2C, GF4C, and SF12C rotary gear limit switches. We’ll go through each one and let you know the current status and information on the current replacement for each.

TER MF2C Rotary Gear Limit Switch

The MF2C rotary gear limit switch from TER is currently obsolete and no longer manufactured. It has been replaced by the BASE rotary gear limit switch which offers a higher degree of IP protection at IP67. The MF2C was only rated IP65. The BASE rotary gear limit switch can be fitted with 2, 3 or 4 micro switches while the MF2C was limited to only 2 or 3 switches. So the BASE offers more versatility and higher degree of ingress protection at the same price as the MF2C. The mounting pattern and shaft size are identical so the BASE can easily replace any MF2C currently in use.

TER PF2C Rotary Gear Limit Switch

The PF2C rotary gear limit switch from TER is still available in small quantities, but we strongly advise transitioning to the FOX rotary gear limit switch as the phase out of the PF2C has already begun, and supply cannot be guaranteed. The FOX can be fitted with 2 or 4 micro-switches where the PF2C was limited to only 2. Additionally, the FOX can be fitted with encoders or potentiometers to enhance its capabilities. There is a bit of a change to the size of the FOX versus the PF2C so contact us for help with incorporating the FOX into your system. Adaptor plates are available to match the mounting pattern of the FOX to the pattern of the PF2C

TER GF4C Rotary Gear Limit Switch

The GF4C rotary gear limit switch from TER is still manufactured but will become obsolete at some point in the future. The GF4C has been replaced by the OSCAR rotary gear limit switch from TER. The OSCAR is able to utilize from 2 up to 8 micro-switches as well as a combination of switches, encoders or potentiometers. The OSCAR was also upgraded to IP67 protection for use in the harshest conditions.

TER SF12C Rotary Gear Limit Switch

The SF12C is now obsolete and completely replaced by the TOP rotary gear limit switch. The TOP offers more flexibility on the number of switches (from 2-12 microswitches) as well as many options for encoders and potentiometers. The IP67 rating makes it suitable for nearly any environment, and the rugged die-cast aluminum housing makes it the top of the line in rotary gear limit switches. The TOP also uses the same shaft size, and mounting pattern as the SF12C so replacement is simple.

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