How to Adjust the Cams on a Rotary Gear Limit Switch

Tecno Elettrica Ravasi (TER) has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing the Rotary Gear Limit Switch. Rotary Gear Limit Switches control and measure the movement of industrial machines. In simple terms, the revolutions of the shaft are transmitted to a cam switch mechanism in which mechanical switching contacts are actuated.

TER offers four models of rotary limit switches from a 1:1 ratio through an 8100:1 ratio, including up to 15 switching contacts. The cams can be individually and finely adjusted to the desired position in order to define end positions and/or reference points.

Typical Industry Applications of Rotary Gear Limit Switches

  • Lifting Technology
  • Staging / Theater Technology
  • Boat Lift / Automotive Industry
  • Wind Energy
  • Crane Technology
rotary gear limit switch





One of the many nice features of the Tecno Elettrica Ravasi (TER) Rotary Gear Limit Switch is the ease to adjust the cam stacks. Below is a diagram of the BASE rotary gear cam stack, all TER Rotary Gear Limit Switch models (BASE, FOX, OSCAR, TOP) follow the same guidelines when needing to adjust the operating point of the cams.

How to Adjust Operating Point of the Cams

To adjust the operating point of the cams;

  1. For proper adjustment, loosen the central screw (7) of the cam set
  2. Adjust the operating point of every single cam by turning its adjusting screw (8). The numbers on the screws refer to the cams counting from bottom to top of the cam stack.
  3. Re-tighten the central screw (7)

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