25th Anniversary of Springer Controls Company

As Springer Controls celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, we wanted to take time to reflect on the path that brought us to where we are today. Our mission, from the beginning, has always been this: “At the heart of Springer Controls Company is our vision to be a company that is admired for its people, partnerships, and performance.” Springer was founded in 1996 by Bob and Jane Lindberg. Bob had been the president of Joslyn Clark Controls Company, Division of Joslyn Corporation, as they were later acquired by Danaher Corp. Because it did not fit their strategy, Danaher decided to sell some of their IEC product lines. At this point, Bob & Jane decided to start their own company. Bob was able to purchase the IEC and NEMA product lines from Danaher and effective August 1996, Springer Controls was born!

Fun fact: Springer Controls gets its name from two Springer Spaniel dogs that were part of the Lindberg family at the time.

Approximately 2 years into the business, Bob & Jane decided to take a large step forward and build a new 15,000 sq foot facility to increase the growth of Springer Controls, they elected to relocate and move the business to Yulee, FL. Yulee is in close proximity to both Amelia Island and Jacksonville, FL. In September of 1998, the plant opened its doors in Yulee, FL. Shortly thereafter, in June of 2000, Bob’s son Randy joined the Springer team to help guide Springer Controls into the future.

One of the central reasons Springer Controls Company has been successful over the years is due to its employees. Springer Controls strives to create a culture of inclusivity, integrity and seeing the value in all things and people, really trying to create a work atmosphere that is inviting and rewarding. Many of the Springer team have been with the company for more than ten years, with several retiring after a long tenure of extraordinary service. At Springer, we realize how lucky we are to have survived all the ups and downs over the years, we are thrilled to say that we are currently welcoming new employees as our business grows and shifts. Springer is grateful for the loyalty and exceptional work ethic of our employees.

Over the years Springer has had the pleasure of working closely with new partners in Europe, as well as establishing wonderful relationships with U.S. customers and suppliers. Our business has prospered as our overseas partners have grown. New products continue to reach our markets, but the classics are still alive and well, such as NEMA and IEC product lines. The world is a lot smaller now after 25 years. Growing together and changing to meet the requirements of our customers is not only a challenge but a joy for us all. Learning to meet these opportunities is the reason we look ahead, grateful for those opportunities’ past, present, and future.

On July 1, 2020, amid the COVID crisis, Bob Lindberg retired as the President and CEO. Randy Lindberg has officially taken the helm to protect and encourage the future of Springer Controls. Now more than ever, the trust that has developed between our customers and suppliers continues to hold strong as we expand our position in the market and try to better serve and anticipate the needs of our customers. As we approach our 25th year anniversary we look forward to the next 25 or even 50 years of strengthening our relationships for the future.