N5 - Pilot Lights/Press-To-Test

Springer Controls offers a full line of 22mm IEC pilot lights and press-to-test lights.  Pilot lights can be standard configuration with separable lamp holders, or Unibloc with everything complete.  All use LEDs in voltages from 12VAC up to 230VAC.
They can be purchased without contacts (operator only) but to fully function you will need contacts.  If you don’t see the contact configuration you like, then you can purchase the operator only and the contacts you want separately.
On the separable units, the bezel can be either chrome plated or black plastic.  The unibloc lights are all black bezel.  The black plastic bezel is corrosion proof.  When properly fitted in a standard IEC size 22.5mm hole, a NEMA 4 / IP65 ingress rating can be maintained.

Suitable for operating temperatures from -25 to +70C.  (-13 to +158F)

UL certified and CE approved

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