Solid State Contactors

Springer Controls maintains a full line solid state contactors manufactured by IC Electronics A/S.  We offer:

  • Single phase electronic contactors
  • Dual contactors
  • Lamp and transformer controls
  • 3 phase contactors
  • Reversing contactors
  • Starting torque limiters
  • Internal bypass & Coil controlled external bypass available

Key Features:

  • UL, CSA, and IEC certified
  • Complete solid state SMT
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Compact, modular design (smallest soft starter available 22.5mm (<1″)
  • Operational Voltage; 24V – 600V AC/DC
  • Control Voltage; 24V – 600V AC/DC
  • IP20 protection

Products being added soon!  For now please contact us for quotes